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Yoga – My First Love.

“When I step onto my yoga mat it’s as if the whole world stops—like pressing a pause button on the movie of my life. For 60 whole minutes I am alone with my breath; moving my body through a series of beneficial postures that strengthen and tone, while releasing stiff, tired muscles. My mind is still and my body, balanced.”

Interior Design, sales and management was a large part of my life until just a few years ago. Growing up, I was introduced to yoga through my Mum’s practice, witnessing and benefiting first hand from its effects. I decided recently to once again let her be my greatest teacher by changing careers and allowing yoga to change me into not only a practitioner, but also, a teacher. My zest for health, fitness and well-being is something that stems from years of encouragement and inspiration, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to share this inspiration with you. My yoga classes are grounding, meditative and relaxing. They are both challenging and fun. You will find yourself in the final pose feeling accomplished and at peace— both in body and soul. Namaste.

Other Inspirations.

To compliment my own Yoga practice and to add more to my private and group sessions I’ve also specialised in Pilates and Indoor Cycling. For me Pilates is strength training that can be done anytime, anywhere without the need for equipment. Using your own bodyweight to improve and strengthen your muscles provides a fantastic workout. It has really helped with my yoga practice too, having a strong core certainly makes a difference during inversions and tricky arm balances. Strength training is important however for a well rounded exercise programme cardiovascular also needs to be included. This strengthens our cardiac muscle and lungs, improves circulation, distribution of oxygen to muscles and organs, lowers blood pressure, aids weight loss, improves sleep … the list goes on and on! Being oh so accident prone I’ve found Indoor Cycling a perfect way to get my heart rate pumping while keeping my joints happy. You burn around 600 calories in 45 minutes 😀 and that makes me very happy indeed!